Our Food


Under the Tree

Blitzen Burger £9.75

Battered Turkey Breast, Brie, Cranberry Sauce and a Pig in Blanket

Pigs in Blankets £5.75

Christmas Pudding £5.25

w/ Brandy Butter Ice-Cream Add a BUMP Spirit of Christmas shot for £2.90

Stocking Fillers

Foot-Long Scratchings £3.75

'Our' Scotch Egg w/ Curry Mayo £4.50

Beer-Battered Onion Rings £2.75

Original Mac 'n' Cheese £3.75

Char-Grilled Corn on the Cob £3.75

Bacon Dog-ettes £5.75

Poutine !NEW!

Classic Poutine £5.75

Wings Poutine £8.75

Pulled Pork Poutine £10.75

Mollasses-Blackened 12-Hour-Smoked Pulled Pork Poutine

A Boat Load of Fries

A Boat Load of Fries (v) £3.25

Cajun-Spiced Fries (v) £3.75

Chilli-Cheese Fries £5.75

Beer Food

The Blow Out £29.75

Served in a galvanised dustbin lid, feeds 4-6 Buffalo Wings, Foot-long Scratchings, Corn on the Cob, Bacon Dog-ettes, Falafel, Beer-Battered Onion Rings, Hand-Cut Cajun Fries & Chips

Black Bean Chilli-Cheese Nachos (v) £5.75

A Boat Load of Buffalo Wings £8.75

Slow-cooked free-range wings with Frank's Hot & Sour Sauce.

The Beirut Board (v) £9.75

A classic Lebanese sharing platter with Falafel, Mixed Olives, Hummous and Pickled Chilli-Peppers. Served with grilled Pitta Bread.

The German Sausage Board £13.75

Frankfurter, Smoked Paprika and Bratwurst Sausages w/ Warm Saurkraut, Bacon Bits and Sharp Mustard.

For Hearty Santas

Warm Salad of Winter £9.75

Cauliflower Tempura, Quinoa, Broad Beans, Baby Spinach and Toasted Almonds

Beer-Battered Fish & Chips £11.75

Chicken & Bacon Caesar Salad £10.25

Gratinated Mac 'n' Cheese (v) £10.25

w/ Wild Mushrooms and Rocket

Smoked Pulled Pork Bun £10.25

Mollasses-Blackened 12-Hour-Smoked Pulled Pork in a Bun w/ Slaw and our sensational House Carolinas Sauce

Smoked 'Londoner' Sausage and Mash £10.75

w/ Beer Battered Onion Rings & Onion Gravy

Hot Dog Corner

The 9" Hot Dog £7.25

Choose your ideal dog. All come w/ Saurkraut & Sharp Mustard Bratwurst Smoked Paprika Frankfurter

The Monster Dog £9.75

Frankfurter wrapped in Bacon w/ Mexicali Beef Chilli, Cheddar & Soured Cream

The Hog Dog £9.75

Frankfurter topped w/ Mollasses-Blackened 12-Hour-Smoked Pulled Pork, Fairground Onions & BBQ Sauce

Hamburger Specials

Original Hamburger £6.75

After literally hundreds of research sessions and tastings here and abroad we have re-engineered our Burger for 2014. We worked out that nothing tastes better than the very best grilled Beef seasoned only with Salt & Pepper.

The Patty Melt £8.25

Our Classic Cheeseburger - choose from Swiss, Smoked Cheddar or Blue Cheese. Add a bucket of Fries for £1

The Vegi Melt (v) £7.75

Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Mediterranean Vegetables and your choice of Smoked Cheddar, Stilton or Swiss Cheese. Add a bucket of Fries for £1

The Yolk £9.25

Our classic Burger with Flat Fried Egg and Glazed Hollandaise. Add a bucket of Fries for £1

The Smoke £9.75

Our classic Burger with Smoked Chipotle Mayo, House-Smoked Cheddar & Hickory-Cured Bacon. Add a bucket of Fries for £1

The Poke £9.50

Our classic Burger with Crushed Bird's Eye Chillis, Smoked Cheddar Cheese & Integral Onion Rings. Charlie's favourite. Add a bucket of Fries for £1


Christmas Pudding £5.25

w/ Brandy Butter Ice-Cream

Salted Caramel and Popcorn Ice-Cream Sundae £5.25

Sticky Toffee Pudding £5.25

Awesome Brownie s/w Vanilla Ice Cream  £5.25

Jude's Ice-Cream Selection per scoop £2.00

Per Scoop Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry