Old Street: Damn Right We’re Serious About Beer

09 May 2016, BeerEvents

Well, Draft House Old Street is launching on Monday 16th May.
We still have a few slots left for the softs (lunches only) so click here if you want to come down.

More importantly, we have brought Joe Hurst (on the right – above) over from Hammersmith to ensure there is NO SURRENDER on the beer front. In fact, he has nearly bankrupted the company with his initial order of extreme bottles. Those big boys on the table are what we call Bombers – large format beer bottles – theoretically for sharing.

Joe’s Top 5 for the launch week are:

1. Mikkeller & Floyds “Majsgoop” Barley Wine ABV 11.2%

2. Wicked Weed “Tropicmost” Passionfruit Gose ABV 4.6%

3. Wired Brew Co “Sourside of the Moon” Sour Beer ABV 7.5%

4. Cloudwater Brew Co “Imperial Stout” ABV 11.2%

5. Tool “Dangerously Close to Stupid” Double IPA ABV 9.2%

See you at the bar!

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