We’re Opening A Pub in “Cosmic” Milton Keynes

05 Sep 2016,

We’re opening our first pub outside London, in Milton Keynes, this October. We’ve bought a whacking great Wetherspoons on Midsummer Boulevard right at the entrance to the Hub, generally regarded as the place to be in MK.

Our concept for the site is inspired by the environment, history and contemporary culture of Milton Keynes – with the original plans for the new town aligning Midsummer Boulevard to the summer solstice. We want to embrace the cosmic personality of Milton Keynes as the ‘The little Los Angeles in Buckinghamshire’ by bringing LA-sized Structures into the pub through projecting billboards, super-sized neons and airport style floor graphics.

Milton Keynes is home to 500 corporate HQs and the longest shopping centre ever built this side of the pond but lacks a great craft beer pub. We aim to fill that gap with our trademark good food, great beer and real people.

As always, local beer will be the key and we look forward to hanging out with and buying fab beer from all the local brewers round and about the town, including Concrete Cow and other Buckinghamshire heroes. On the food front, MKers can expect all manner of tried and tested Draft House classics, such as Foot-Long Scratchings, Char-Pit Ribs, the Mexi-Cali Salad and of course the best Burgers this side of the Pond.


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