The Cheese Dripper

The Cheese Dripper

Two 6oz Char-Grilled Angus Patties, a double helping of melted Smoked Cheddar, Streaky Bacon & Chipotle Mayo with Dill Pickles.

Order with a Goose Island Beer and get a FREE BEAST BURGER STICKER!

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30 Sep 2016,

All I want for Christmas is BEER

We love Christmas here at the Draft House. As we say here, Draft House is the pub where the Beer flows like Wine.

The festive season is an excuse to host parties featuring groaning platters of Traditional Roast Turkey and Honey-Glazed Ham – paired up with dark, rich chocolatey Christmas Ales. See here for full menus. We can host seated lunches for large groups or standing parties of 150+.

And it’s when our epic collection of private rooms really come into their own. Click here for our on-line guide to the options.

I’m talking the Tank Room at Draft House Chancery (with its own pour-your-own Pilsner Urquell tap). Or the Barrel Bar and Hop Back Lounge above Draft House Westbridge (capacity 150).

Or even the crazy 60s vibe down in the Bump Caves below Draft House Tower Bridge (capacity 100). Or just areas and tables for smaller groups at the other pubs.

I like to think that whatever you need Christmas for, we can do it…all served up with our trademark warmth and conviviality.



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27 Sep 2016,


The inspirations are many.

It starts with the amped up, filthy hamburger specials stumbled upon Stateside. I’m talking Harlem Shake (home of the Pigskin Classic) in NYC or the secret Animal Style you can apply to your burger choice at In-N-Out in LA.

Our takes on these dirty-huge patty-n-bun combos grew ugly names like Hogzilla and The Chicken Beast from the Blue Cheese Lagoon.

From here it was only a short stylistic jump, via cereal packet give-aways and 50s horror movies to THE INVASION OF THE BEAST BURGERS.

Huge, terrifyingly delicious, and coming to a Draft House near you.



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27 Sep 2016,

Wanted Real People


Are you for real? If so, then we want you. Here at The Draft House we’re all about great beer, good food and REAL PEOPLE. And that is what has made us the most exciting and fastest growing pub group in London. And now, with our up-coming launch in Milton Keynes, we’re moving further afield.

We’re opening cool new pubs and recruiting across all levels from General Manager to floor staff.

We are seeking intelligent, informed, warm, relaxed and ever so slightly rebellious people to be the heart and soul of our new pubs. Experience, a keen ear for rockin’ music, and a passion for craft beer and spirits won’t hurt either… But we like to think we can infect you with our enthusiasm for our awesome range from day one!

If you are interested email us

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08 Sep 2016,

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