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Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sessions strikes again, this time with Logan Plant of Dalston's very own Beavertown Brewery.

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18 November 2013, Events, Beer


Sunday Sunday: here again in tidy attire

We are proud to announce the launch of Sunday Sessions, an occasional afternoon of extreme beer and food matching at Charlotte Street. Max Chater, self-proclaimed Liquid Geek and Don of Draft House Charlotte, will invite a red-hot brewer to co-host proceedings. First up this Sunday is Huddersfield super-star Richard Burhouse of Magic Rock.

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14 October 2013, Events, Beer


Oktoberfest: Oxen, Beer & Surfing

Feeling a tad devastated after 24 hours in Munich watching river-surfing, eating oxen and drinking Oktoberfest beer...

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14 October 2013, Events, Beer, Oktoberfest


Why Tax Parity Day Could Save Your Pub

This Wednesday is Tax Parity Day when Draft House will be joining many of the nation's pubs in cutting all prices by 7.5% - an amount which reflects the likely reduction in pricing if the industry's request for a reduction in VAT from 20% to 5% was granted.

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23 September 2013, Events, Beer