Charlie Says


Tankovna: IN COMING

Early this morning the very first shipment of Tankovna unpasteurised, fresh, original Pilsner Urquell arrived from Plzen and was hosed into our shiny new copper tanks at Draft House Seething.

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21 August 2014, Beer


It Don't Get More Local Than This

Every spring the Elder tree outside Draft House Tower Bridge produces a dense, fragrant display of off-white blossom. By August, the elderberries are starting to form and ripen. This year, with the Rotary Evaporator in our armoury, we wasted no time in harvesting them and creating an Elderberry Liqueur for Bump Caves.

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13 August 2014, B U M P


#TANKOVNA: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pilsner Urquell

We spend a lot of my time bashing the Big Brewing Behemoths (BBBs). So you can imagine when S.A.Miller (if ever there was a BBB) approached me to buy in Pilsner Urquell I was all like 'whatever - you know where you can stick that idea (etc etc)'...

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12 August 2014, Beer, Events


Give Us This Day Our Daily Cask

Every day, every Draft House will tap a fresh firkin of awesome foaming cask ale at around noon. This cask will be sold at £2.75 a pint. And when it's gone it's gone.

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6 August 2014, Beer