Charlie Says


The Monster Awakes

Yes! It's that time of year again when the screens that can be seen from outer space once again find their true purpose in the galaxy - the transmission of the Six Nations.

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4 February 2015, Rugby, SixNations, Beer, Events, Hamburgers


Our January Sale

We know that it's hard to get enthused about going out in January. That's why, until January 25th, qwe're experiementing with dramatically reducing the price of our bigest selling drinks and knocking a fifth (YES - 20%) off the price of all food. 

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7 January 2015, January Sale, Almost Free, Beer, Events, Hamburgers, Food News


First Frost of the Year: and it's beginning to feel a lot like...

First frost of the year last night and we're raring to go for Christmas. Pay attention, there's a lot going on down our way...

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24 November 2014, Events, Beer, Hamburgers


New Year New Hamburger

After literally hundreds of research sessions & tastings here & abroad we have re-engineered our burger for 2014. We found that nothing tastes better than the very best grilled Scottish Beef seasoned only with Salt & Pepper. 

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2 January 2014, Beer, Events, Hamburgers, Food News