Charlie Says


The Draft House Rugby Beer Cup

Let's celebrate Beer and Rugby - and Rugby and Beer while we're at it - this Autumn at The Draft House, every game of the World Cup being shown live

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13 August 2015, Beer, Birdcage, Rugby, Hammersmith, Charlotte, Events


We Haven't Had That Spirit Here Since 1969

Hotel Weisshorn: possible location for the first Draft House in the Alps. Footfall challenging.

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9 April 2015, Events


Draft House Hammersmith Opens

​I'm a little emotional about (finally!) opening a Draft House westside.

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23 February 2015, Hammersmith, Beer, Events


The Monster Awakes

Yes! It's that time of year again when the screens that can be seen from outer space once again find their true purpose in the galaxy - the transmission of the Six Nations.

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4 February 2015, Rugby, SixNations, Beer, Events, Hamburgers