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A Bier Quenches Thirst and a Wurst Quells Hunger

ACHTUNG! Double-pint Steins of Paulaner Original Munich Lager  for £8...ACHTUNG! Our famous sausage board for half price with two Steins

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18 October 2014, Beer, Events, Food News, Oktoberfest


We WILL Convert You To Cask Ale

Cask Ale Week is upon us - and to celebrate we are selling all Cask Ale for £2.75 for the week!

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26 September 2014, Beer, Events


Save The Pub: Make Tax Fair

We're lowering all of our prices by 7.5% today only. We're doing it to lend support to Tax Equality Day - an initiative to SAVE THE PUB...

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24 September 2014, Events, Beer


#TANKOVNA: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pilsner Urquell

We spend a lot of my time bashing the Big Brewing Behemoths (BBBs). So you can imagine when S.A.Miller (if ever there was a BBB) approached me to buy in Pilsner Urquell I was all like 'whatever - you know where you can stick that idea (etc etc)'...

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12 August 2014, Beer, Events