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#TANKOVNA: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pilsner Urquell

We spend a lot of my time bashing the Big Brewing Behemoths (BBBs). So you can imagine when S.A.Miller (if ever there was a BBB) approached me to buy in Pilsner Urquell I was all like 'whatever - you know where you can stick that idea (etc etc)'...

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12 August 2014, Beer, Events


Gin Auditions

We'd be delighted to invite you to The Gin Auditions. We're fine-tuning our Bumped G&T among other drinks and wanted to invite you in to help out. E-mail Hannah if you want to come down with some friends...

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5 August 2014, B U M P, Events


Son of Monster

A quickie to say that - in my humble opinion - the best place to watch the last day of the Premier League season tomorrow is at our Seething Lane site on the Monster Screen...

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10 May 2014, Events


Exciting Times at Westbridge

It's been a long time coming. Westbridge, our oldest pub and the one most benefitting from the - ahem - patina of age, is getting some TLC...

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28 March 2014, Beer, Events