Charlie Says


Hammersmith gets a Charcoal Grill-Pit

Well, we've been open for a couple of months now at Draft House Hammersmith and at last we are able to upgrade our kitchen to provide the full Grill Menu…and what's more we're throwing a Char-Pit into the mix (that is, a real Charcoal Grill). So it's goodbye to the Pie Pop-Up and HELLO BLUE SMOKE!

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10 May 2015, Hammersmith, Food News, Hamburgers


We Haven't Had That Spirit Here Since 1969

Hotel Weisshorn: possible location for the first Draft House in the Alps. Footfall challenging.

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9 April 2015, Events


New Menu at the 'Pie Pubs'

Your wish was our command: we have added some terrific new dishes to the Pie Pub menus at Hammersmith and Birdcage.

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9 April 2015, Food News


Wings Wednesday!

We launched a new menu last week and some of you were appalled to find that Wings had gone Walkies. Well, they're back and in a big(ger) way.

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8 April 2015, Food News