Mum’s The Word

Mum’s don’t just want to drink Prosecco. Some of them love beer. I’d say more should try it, but that just me.

Either way, all Mum’s get a beer on us this Mother’s Day. Click here to book.


PS keep it between us but we do actually sell Prosecco. And great wine. And a glass of either is a valid alternative on this ‘offer’.


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24 Mar 2017, BeerEvents

FA Cup Final

A summer of BEER and SPORT starts this Saturday with the FA CUP Final. We’ll have this tense London v Manc match on in all the pubs – but we’re singling out the newly-opened Draft House Chancery for a special and frankly Bonkers Deal: anyone who pre-books through Eventbrite gets their choice of any of our Hamburger Specials and a pint of unpasteurised, fresh Pilsner Urquell Tank beer for £10. Ka-Boom!

The same deal will be available for all weekend games at Chancery during the European Championships. So get on the website and start booking!

How to book the £10 Chancery Football, Burger and Tank Beer Deal:

Click here to book in for the FA Cup Final

Click here for all Weekend Euro 2016 Games

Use the bookings widget on the front page to reserve a table and for all other enquiries.

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16 May 2016, BeerEventsHamburgers

Tower Bridge Quiz

Draft House Tower Bridge launches Weekly Quiz with Dimbleby Cancer Care

Is pub-quizzing a sport? It blinking well ought to be.

Following on from the giant success of the Birdcage and Northcote quizzes (on every Tuesday) we’re launching a weekly Wednesday quiz on 1st June at Draft House Tower Bridge. All entry money will be going to Dimbleby Cancer Care. Based just down the road from the pub at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals by London Bridge, Dimbleby Cancer Care supports the drop-in centres there and work alongside doctors, nurses and other health professionals offering support and information to anyone affected by cancer, be they patients or families / carers. All services are free of charge.

Click here to learn more about the charity or donate.

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15 May 2016, Events

Old Street: Damn Right We’re Serious About Beer

Well, Draft House Old Street is launching on Monday 16th May.
We still have a few slots left for the softs (lunches only) so click here if you want to come down.

More importantly, we have brought Joe Hurst (on the right – above) over from Hammersmith to ensure there is NO SURRENDER on the beer front. In fact, he has nearly bankrupted the company with his initial order of extreme bottles. Those big boys on the table are what we call Bombers – large format beer bottles – theoretically for sharing.

Joe’s Top 5 for the launch week are:

1. Mikkeller & Floyds “Majsgoop” Barley Wine ABV 11.2%

2. Wicked Weed “Tropicmost” Passionfruit Gose ABV 4.6%

3. Wired Brew Co “Sourside of the Moon” Sour Beer ABV 7.5%

4. Cloudwater Brew Co “Imperial Stout” ABV 11.2%

5. Tool “Dangerously Close to Stupid” Double IPA ABV 9.2%

See you at the bar!

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09 May 2016, BeerEvents

Cinco de Mayo

When we launched our Mexi-Cali menu we had no idea how popular tacos, quesadillas and Dos Hermanos Burgers were going to be.

Well now we know – and the answer is VERY.

To celebrate this fact – and Mexico’s National Day – we’re offering a shot of craft Tequila for £2 with any Mexi-Cali dish from 5th May right through this weekend. I can only apologise – but hey – Thursday is the new Friday and after that it’s just weekend action all the way.

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04 May 2016, Events

Old Street Opening Soon

Hot on the heels of Draft House Chancery (see below) we’re launching just by Old Street Roundabout on 16th May. Come help us practice by booking into the 50%-off soft launches 11th – 13th May and drinking your bodyweight in unpasteurised Czech tank beer. Just click here to book through Eventbrite.

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02 May 2016, Events

MIND THE TANK: Draft House Chancery Opens

This week marked the official launch of Draft House Chancery. A huge thank you to all who came down to help us test-drive the place last week. Your efforts in eating and drinking us out of house & home did not go unnoticed and – yes – the ‘feedback’ was very helpful.

The pub features no fewer than four 500-Litre tanks for the storage and service of fresh, unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell, which is imported weekly for us from the Czech Republic. This is true Czech lager, hitherto only available in Draft House Seething Lane. I can confirm that it is a truly life-affirming drink, and one which no one with even the slightest interest in beer should live another day without trying.

In a first for Draft House – and indeed for London – we have created a private ‘Tank Room’ which is available for hire, featuring the soon-to-be legendary Altar of Tank (pictured below). This is a tiled plinth at which party-goers can learn to pour the three different styles of Pilsner Urquell: Milk, Smooth and Crisp. Thereafter the party will be essentially a self-service affair, supervised by the Tank Master (someone that works for us and actually knows what they’re doing). Let me know if you’d like to book in or e-mail

I have to confess to feeling very proud of how effing brilliant the pub looks and feels. The fabulous Brett Smith (Chancery General Manager) and her epic team are champing at the bit to welcome you.

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25 Apr 2016, BeerEvents

Someone’s Going to Pilsen to Drink Pilsner

That’s right, we have the winner of our Czech It Out competition. He is Ross McCann and his local is Birdcage, our pub on Columbia Road E2 (yes, on the flower market).

Thanks to Pilsner Urquell, brewers of the original lager since 1842, he and a buddy are heading off to Pilsen (now known as Plzen but harder to pronounce) to explore – among other things – the extraordinary and ancient labyrinthine cellars which lie beneath the modern brewery. Click here to read the story of my own personal conversion to the cause of true lager.

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22 Apr 2016, BeerEvents

Spring B U M P

Our Spring BUMP Spirit is produced in BUMP Caves with cacao husks from Madagascar, suppleid by Mast Brothers chocolatiers in Shoreditch.

These husks are rapid-infused into grain spirit using nitrogen gas; a techique whch maximises the flavour. After this rapid infusion the spirit is distilled under high pressure with our rotary evaporator at 50 degrees, which ensures no further flavour loss.

The clear cacao distillate is then diluted with filtered water and blended with Diplomatico Blanco, a 4 year Venezuelan charcoal filtered rum, and sweetened.

Enjoy as a shot for £3.90, or for £2.90 with any bottled beer (we recommend a dark one!)

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02 Apr 2015, BeerEventsB U M P

Draft House Hammersmith Opens

I’m a little emotional about (finally!) opening a Draft House westside. Those of you from the old school will remember Woody’s and The Bush Bar & Grill. They’re happy memories for me though I’m not sure I ever want a night on Ben Reed’s half-pint Martinis again.

But let’s concentrate on the here and now. We’ve bought a beautiful Victorian pub just north of Hammersmith Broadway next to the old fire station. It reopens as Draft House Hammersmith on 26th February and will sell the finest London pies, Foot-Long Scratchings and other fab fare, not to forget a truly colossal range of beautifully kept beer.

The pub was originally tucked into the sweaty embrace of the Hammersmith Palais until that great wellspring of teenage memory was torn down two years ago to make way for – you guessed it – flats. We’re reviving the Palais spirit with a rocking playlist and a shed load of memorabilia.

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23 Feb 2015, BeerEventsHammersmith

The Monster Awakes

Yes! It’s that time of year again when the screens that can be seen from outer space once again find their true purpose in the galaxy – the transmission of the Six Nations. The frankly terrifying MONSTER SCREEN (all 4m x 5m of it) is at Seething Lane right by Tower Hill tube. By general consent this is the biggest HD screen in the City.

And the only slightly smaller SON OF MONSTER lurks unsettlingly upstairs in the Barrel Bar at Draft House Westbridge (just south of Battersea Bridge).

But all Draft Houses* are showing this ‘hooligan’s game played by gentlemen’, as Sir Winston described it. And, coincidentally, we’re also serving the finest beers in the galaxy not to mention the all-new Poke Supreme Burger.

So book yourself and friends in now.

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04 Feb 2015, BeerEventsRugbySixNations

Our January Sale

We know that it’s hard to get enthused about going out in January.

That’s why, until January 25th, qwe’re experimenting with dramatically reducing the price of our bigest selling drinks and knocking a fifth (YES – 20%) off the price of all food. 


– All Pints of Cask Ale £2.75
– Pints of Draft House London Pilsner and Hoxton Cider £2.75
– House Wines by the 175ml glass £2.75 


– Our very own VICTORY Gin & Tonic £3.75
– Pints of extraordinary Pilsner Urquell £3.75 (yes, that includes the unpasteurised Tank Beer at Seething Lane)

…wait…finally…BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!


I expect I’ll see you at the bar blowing the froth off a cold one.

Ends January 25th

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04 Jan 2015, BeerEventsHamburgersFood NewsJanuary SaleAlmost Free

#TANKOVNA: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pilsner Urquell

At Draft House we spend a lot of my time bashing the Big Brewing Behemoths (BBBs). It’s kind of part of who we are.

So you can imagine when S.A.Miller (the 2nd biggest BBB in the world) approached me to buy in Pilsner Urquell I was all like ‘whatever – you know where you can stick that idea [etc etc]’.

But a smooth-talking and genuinely nice South African chap from S.A.Miller called Francois said it’s the best beer in the world and talked me into a trip to Czech. More precisely, to Plzen (that’s Pilsen to you – the birthplace of lager).

And…he said he’d install four beautiful, huge, original Czech copper tanks into Draft House Seething. Every week on a Wednesday, a tanker would arrive from Plzen and decant 1000s of litres of original unpasteurised, fresh, original brewery beer straight into the tanks for the delectation of the Draft House customer.

The coup de grace may have been the offer to take all of our hard-working General Managers along to Czech at the same time.

So far, so good…and well…we went.

I love Prague, and I love Czech. So, tick – all good. And the truly magnificent Vaclav Berka (see top for picture with yours truly) was worth the trip on his own. He is the guardian of quality at Pilner Urquell and gave us an epic and extremely bibulous lunch in the brewery canteen. I would say his average sip of the gold stuff is around 250ml.

But I must say I can take or leave a BBB brewery tour. It’s all corporate videos and awesomely cool stuff about how they put malt, hops, water and – wait for it – yeast in their beer. Boom!

So I did a little e-mail in front of the video and tried to keep my eyes open so as not to miss out on the free beer we’d been promised.

BUT THEN…we descended deep underground to the cellars – carved by the good burgers of Plzen from the living rock to enable them to make their unique, clear, golden beer. We walked 100s of metres through these man-made caverns and – judging from the 19th century map on the wall at the entrance – only saw a fraction of them.

And lo! a man in a Pilsener Urquell fleece started pouring beers straight from an oak barrel. At that moment there was a thunder-clap (I’m not making this up) and the cellars resounded with muffled booming and the clatter of rain leaking through onto the flagstone floors from the hand-carved ceiling above.

And there we tasted the beer, straight from an oak barrel. And it was good. In fact, it was F**KING FANTASTIC. We just stood there getting wet, drinking the nectar of the Gods.

And at that moment I was sold: hook line and sinker. And I had to learn to put away childish things and learn to tolerate the BBBs. Because, at least in this one instance, there is literally nothing not to love about Pilsner Urquell.

Long story short, we said YES to BBB. And the huge, beautiful Czech copper tanks are being installed at Draft House Seething as I write.

So come on down on September 2nd (Tuesday) to Draft House Seething (just by Tower Hill tube) and taste the #TANKOVNA (tank beer in Czech). It really is something else and we’ll be giving it away on the night.

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12 Aug 2014, BeerEvents