MK Pale No1 Launch


Draft House Midsummer, Milton Keynes, has teamed up with two local breweries to brew a brand new craft cask ale for the town.

The beer, called MK Pale No.1, is the result of a collaboration between Draft House, Concrete Cow Brewery and Hornes Brewery.

The brew was created at Concrete Cow Brewery in Bradwell where owner Dan Bonner was assisted by Charlie McVeigh (Founder of The Draft House), Ali Pringle (General Manager of Draft House Midsummer) and Ryan Horne (Head Brewer at Hornes Brewery).

The beer launches at 7pm on December 8th at Draft House Midsummer and a free pint will be available for the first 100 people to signs up for the launch party.

Sign up here.

We’re massively excited to have produced this sensational new beer for MK with the chaps from Concrete Cow and Hornes breweries. The beer, with a distinctive tropical nose deriving from the Citra Hops we included in the brew, is unique and we hope it finds a place in the town’s heart.

As the beer’s name implies, the aim is for this brew to be the first of a series featuring different hops and local malts – all to be sold exclusively at Draft House Midsummer.

Local firm Malting Box supplied top grade Munich Tipple malt for the beer.



Draft House, Midsummer

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Milton Keynes


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